Toy Partner MMW0173 Micromachines Corvette Raceway Car Convertible Playset, Multicoloured Toys & Games - B099NV5C71

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Toy Partner MMW0173 Micromachines Corvette Raceway Car Convertible Playset Multicoloured - B099NV5C71

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  • Extend your game: Transform the Corvette from the sports car into a race track playset and let the action begin.

  • Cool features: get the excitement of the race track with over 15 different action zones at home.

  • Connect and play: connect to other Micro Machines playsets to form the ultimate racing playground.

  • Incredible details: based on the real Corvette, this playset is for collectors of all ages.

  • Product description

    Expand the way you play with your Micro Machines toys as you add the Corvette Raceway Transforming Playset to your collection. Inspired by the real Corvette C8, the Raceway playset and exclusive vehicle is the perfect gift for children, toy collectors and fans of Micro Machines alike. This playset can be easily transformed from a Corvette to a fully equipped race track with competition racetrack, drag strip, mechanic station and much more! And if you want to expand your Corvette Raceway even further, collect the other transforming playsets and connect them with the included Connecting Worlds Track parts. As a household favourite for over 30 years, Micro Machines has been the original miniature collector's item in the micro scale.

    Safety Warning

    As indicated by the manufacturer

    Toy Partner MMW0173 Micromachines Corvette Raceway Car Convertible Playset Multicoloured - B099NV5C71

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