Play Pride Scooter Panda Toy - Tumbling Pet for Toddlers, Push and Go Kids Animal Toy for Baby Age 1 & Up Toys & Games - B07THKDGS7

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Play Pride Scooter Panda Toy Tumbling Pet for Toddlers Push and Go Kids Animal Toy for Baby Age 1 & Up - B07THKDGS7

Availability: In Stock



  • ENGAGING TUMBLING TOY: This adorable tumbling scooter toy is designed to keep your little one engaged and entertained for hours. It tumbles forward and then gets back on to its wheels encouraging your little one to move with it while having fun

  • ADORABLE & BRIGHT COLORS: This interactive toddler toy uses bright colors which coupled with the cute and adorable design makes sure your little one stays focused on it. The interactive infant toy summersaults and rolls to keep your baby entertained while helping enhance cognitive skills

  • PUSH & ROLL PANDA: Our rolling animal push and roll toys encourage your little one to use their hands to make it roll to help promote hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills making it ideal for any parent that wants promote physical activity for their baby or toddler

  • SUITABLE FOR AGES 1 & UP: We designed this rolling car activity toy for ages 1 and up to help promote physical development and imagination. It’s made using durable and lightweight materials making it ideal for use both at home and on the go to keep your little one entertained

  • FUN GIFT IDEA: If you’re looking for a fun, cute and thoughtful present that any baby will love then you’ve found it. Our tumbling pet scooter makes the perfect gift for both boys and girls on every occasion including Birthdays, New Year’s, Christmas, Thanksgiving and more

  • Encourage Your Baby To Play, Crawl & Have Fun With Play Pride Tumbling Panda Scooter Toy!

    We’ve taken one of the cutest animals and combined it with an adorable tumbling toy to bring your little one an engaging and fun toy they won’t get tired of playing with any time soon to help promote physical and mental development.

    The push and roll toy tumbles over and then lands back on its feet to provide your little one with countless hours of entertainment. The adorable design coupled with the bright colors will capture your toddler’s attention to keep them engaged.

    Promote Physical & Mental Development The Fun Way

    The toddler panda toy tumbles, spins and turns while encouraging your little one to chase after it to help promote physical activity, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Simply let it roll and watch your little one chase after it!

    Play Pride push along toy uses summersault maneuvers that not only make sure your toddler has fun but also encourages to use their observation and cognitive skills along with imagination to play on their own or with friends.

    More Features Your Toddler Will Love:
    - Made using durable materials with smooth edges to make sure it can handle daily use
    - The 11.5x11.5x7.5 cm size allows you to take it with you anywhere you go
    - Keeps your child engaged for hours of fun playtime so you can have some personal time
    - Our push and roll toy does not require any batteries, just push and watch it roll
    - Acts as a learning and development toy for both baby boys and girls
    - Encourages your little one to learn more about animals and colors

    Let Your Little One Play, Learn, Grow & Have Fun With Play Pride Tumbling Panda Scooter!

    Play Pride Scooter Panda Toy Tumbling Pet for Toddlers Push and Go Kids Animal Toy for Baby Age 1 & Up - B07THKDGS7

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