LONGKANG Educational Toys Multifunctional Round Beads Wooden Shape Early Educational Intelligence 1-3-6 Years Old Beaded Toys Toys & Games - B09YTRTX9P

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LONGKANG Educational Toys Multifunctional Round Beads Wooden Shape Early Educational Intelligence 1-3-6 Years Old Beaded Toys - B09YTRTX9P

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  • ★Wooden Activity Cube Toys 5 in 1-With 5 parts included, the animals bead maze on top, the shape sorter wooden blocks, the teaching clock, the interesting number maze and the spinning rainbow gears, this 5 in 1 wooden toys definitely will develop kids’ various abilities like hand-eye coordination, basic numbers and colors recognition, fine motor skills and so on.

  • ★Safe and Quality Learning Toys-Well made of non-toxic wood material, this activity cube has round edges and no sharps on the surface, which is safe for your little one to play with, enjoying themselves without worry.

  • ★Space-Efficient Design-Well designed into a cube box, you can put the shape sorter blocks and even other little toys into this cube, saving much space for your house, and also can cultivate kids’ good habit of things storage under the instructions of the adults.

  • ★Parent-Child Interaction Toys-By teaching your little one play this activity cube toy, not only a good way to learn things from their parents, also can build a trusted and good relationship between parents and children!

  • ★Good Choice as Gifts for Your Boys Girls-Well packed into a box, this early development & activity toys will be your great choice to send your little one a surprise gift, no matter as Christmas Gifts, birthday gifts or other holidays gifts, it is your wise choice!

  • It is a game suitable for children to complete alone, and can also be a companion for family games.
    5 in 1 activity cube has much fun for kids to explore. All the games have passed the safety and quality standards.
    Animal Bead Maze:
    tiny model animals to manoeuvre, colorful, promote kids’ hand-eye coordination, color &animal recognition ability.
    Shape Sorter:
    Improve and cultivate kids' logical thinking, imagination and creativity,
    Cognitive shape and objects.
    Teaching Clock:
    help kids learn to recognize time with easy-to-read clock.
    Interesting Number Maze:
    Put the number to the right position, promote children’s number-counting skill and logical thinking ability.
    Spinning Rainbow Gear:
    Once children rotate one gear, others will rotate together, which develop their fine motor skills.
    The 5 different activity toys would practice children in different ways, which can help kids to develop their curiosity, imagination, children’s patience and exercise the flexibility of small hands and brain coordination ability.
    All games are packed in lovely box, which is easy to carry and store. Children are able to store other toy in the box. Meanwhile, the whole games attach to the curb without fear of lost.
    This multifunctional Wooden Activity 5-in-1 Cube is made of high-quality wood,?which is durable, solid and wear-resistant.?The colors are vibrant. It Is well-made and came well presented in a lovely box so would make a great gift as well!
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service

    LONGKANG Educational Toys Multifunctional Round Beads Wooden Shape Early Educational Intelligence 1-3-6 Years Old Beaded Toys - B09YTRTX9P

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